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Printing for Art Galleries
Printing for Art Galleries
      Printing for Art Galleries

art + technology can also handle all of your printing needs! Postcards, business cards, limited edition archival prints, indoor/outdoor banners and more. Call 518.698.2400 for other products and sizes or email Postcards for Gallerieswith your requirements.

Fine Art Printing
Archival Giclee Limited Editons
max size: 42"x20' [one piece]
100% rag paper
Backlit Film
adhesive "PhotoTex" for displays

Indoor banner (min order 1) PREMIUM, max size, each piece: 59.5" x 150' + 10 mil thickness.

Purpose: This material is very thin and made of Polypropylene with a smooth matte finish. Also available are thicker materials. This is intended for indoor banners, POP displays, artful decor, etc.

Posters (min order 1) (photo gloss) max size: 59.5" x 150' + 8 mil thickness.

Purpose: This material is a Photo Quality Glossy material. Somewhat delicate, not scuff resistant or waterproof.

Backlit Film

Stunning color gamut for brilliant colors and sharp details. Translucent 7 mil polyester film designed for backlighting

Outdoor banner (min order 1) (13oz) max size: 16' x 150' (one piece) *** Anything larger we can hem together (any size in 16' increments)

Purpose: Specifically intended for outdoor use, can also be used indoors. Inks are UV Cured (dried). Waterproof & durable. This material is typically used for billboards, building wraps, banners, event flags, trade show signage, parades, etc.

Widow cling (min order 2) max size: 53.5" x 120" + 7 mil thickness.

Purpose: White static cling window film. Near photo quality glossy material for indoor or outdoor use. Prints will have a paper backer that will be peeled off prior to application. Material will only cling on back side of print. Ideal for POP signage on glass or other very smooth clean materials. Print is shipped rolled for all sizes unless ordering larger quantities.

Transparent Film

A variety of uses in an interior architectural setting.

Water Resistant Satin Cloth

Smooth, wrinkle-resistant fabric that provides excellent image quality.Lightweight, easy to hang, frame free alternative for exhibition prints.

CD and DVD Replication 25 to 20,000+ with full color artwork, cases, shrink wrap, bar codes…retail ready for music, video and data.

Heavy duty car magnet (min order 2) Glossy 30 mil heavy duty magnets with a variety of uses. Best suited for car door signage. It is highly recommended testing a sample of our car door magnet on the specific vehicle you will be using the car door magnets with, as some cars have aluminum doors and magnets will not stick. These magnets can also serve as temporary signage for construction sites or other quickly changing work environments. Printed with the same UV ink technology as our outdoor banners for long lasting outdoor use. Not intended for small text size or borders.


Greeting Cards
Presentation Folders